Boadge has accumulated rich experience in synthetic method design, research and development, process optimization and large-scale production.

We provide customers with the synthesis process optimization and production of small quantities to ton-level products including laboratory scale; and provide high-quality customized synthesis and customized production services and synthesis for domestic and international chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and R&D service companies Customized services for process development and optimization of chemical intermediates, etc.

  • Multifunctional reactor

  • Volume: 100~20000L

  • Pressure: -1~10MPa

  • Temperature: -15~260℃

  • 40KT Esterification unit

  • 20KT Hydrogenation unit

  • Continuous esterification

  • High press hydrogenation

  • C-Alkylation

  • Friedel-Crafts reaction

  • N-Acylating Reaction

  • σ-rearrangement reactio

  • Oxidation over Different Catalysts

  • Amination reaction