Zhejiang Boju New Materials Co., Ltd. invites you to Shanghai exhibition

2024-02-23 13:18:14 admin 11

Exhibition name: China International Cosmetic Personal and Home Care Raw Materials Exhibition

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Center (SWEECC)

Opening hours: March 20-22,2024

Address: 1099 Guo Zhan Road,Shanghai, China

Booth NO.3805

The event is rotated annually between Changjiang Delta and Zhuhai Delta - two of China’s most affluent business areas that are also key manufacturing hubs for the personal care, cosmetics, toiletries and home care industry. That is why PCHi continues to draw business professionals such as formulators, manufacturers, R&D technologists, and senior management from all corners of the global community.

PCHi provides a one-stop platform for peer-to-peer information exchange on emerging market trends, technological innovations, new scientific developments, and updates on international regulations. Through various marketing initiatives, PCHi is able to successfully bridge like-minded businesses together to trade and explore collaboration.

PCHi is supported by industry-leading trade associations such as the China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries (CAFFCI), the China Association of Surfactant Soap and Detergent Industries (CASSDI), and numerous international trade media.