Notice on Announcement of the Fifth Batch of Suspended Enterprise Talents and Project Lists of Lishui City’s "Double Hundred Leading Plan"

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All county (city, district) committee talent offices, human resources and social security bureaus, and relevant municipal units:

In accordance with the spirit of the "Implementation Opinions of Lishui City's "Hundred Doctors Enrolled in Hundred Enterprise Talent Leading Plan"" (Li Weiren [2014] No. 12) and the "Notice on Carrying out the Fifth Batch of Talents in the "Double Hundred Leading Plan"" (Liren The Social Office (2020) No. 6) requires that on the basis of the needs of enterprises and the selection and matching of talents in universities and scientific research institutes, through research, publicity, and cooperation filing procedures, 52 people including Yin Junfeng are identified as the "Double Hundred Leading Plan". The name list of the five batches of temporary corporate talents is now announced. The suspension period is two years, from July 2020 to July 2022.

All temporary talents, dispatched units, temporary enterprises and comprehensive management departments shall follow the "Implementation Opinions of Lishui City's "Hundred Doctors into 100 Enterprise Talent Leading Plan"", "Lishui City's "Double Hundreds Leading Plan" Management and Assessment Measures for Doctoral Selection" and "About In-depth Promote the "Double Hundred Talent Plan" and other document requirements, earnestly perform relevant work responsibilities, and jointly promote the "Double Hundred Leading Plan" work to achieve practical results, and provide necessary talent and intellectual support for the city to promote high-quality green development.

  Attachment: The fifth batch of talents and projects selected in the "Double Hundred Leading Plan" of Lishui City

   Lishui Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

   July 31, 2020

   (This piece is publicly released)





The fifth batch of temporary enterprises in Lishui City

List of talents and projects


Yin Junfeng

Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Naess Group Limited

City level

Research and application of tea resources in daily chemical products


Liao Feng

lishui university 

Lishui Agricultural Investment Development Co., Ltd

City level

"Lishui shangeng" brand operation


You Zhangping

lishui university 

Zhejiang Zhongguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

area for development

Automation and intelligent transformation of mechanical equipment


Guo Shengrong

lishui university 

Zhejiang Lishui Youbang New Material Co., Ltd

area for development

Development of diphenyl disulfide preparation by triphosgene method


Golden Leaf

lishui university 

Zhejiang Weikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

area for development

Quality control and standard improvement of traditional Chinese medicine and health products


Earthquake response

lishui university 

Zhejiang Juxin Automation Co., Ltd

area for development

Research on machine vision algorithm


Gu Yongbing

lishui university 

Zhejiang Boju New Material Co., Ltd

area for development

Synthesis of special polyol acrylate UV monomer


Hua Jinwei

Lishui Academy of agriculture and Forestry Sciences

Lishui Hongtai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd

Liandu District

Planting project of imitating wild Chinese medicinal materials


Tian Baoming

School of food science and engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology

Zhejiang Huihe Health Technology Co., Ltd

Liandu District

Study on the regulation of Grifola frondosa polysaccharide on intestinal flora activity


Liu Qing'e

lishui university 

Lishui Yuyue Brewing Food Co., Ltd

Liandu District

Improvement of condiment quality and detection technology


LAN Yunlong

Lishui Academy of agriculture and Forestry Sciences

Lishui Chuzhou forestry precious seedlings Co., Ltd

Liandu District

Research and development, application and regulation formulation of seedling technology


chief counsellor of Liu Bang

Shanghai University of Technology

Zhejiang Xinjin air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd


Development and demonstration of expansion valve for air conditioning of new energy vehicles


Yu Xiaoli

Institute of power machinery and vehicle engineering, Zhejiang University

Longquan Sanqian automobile air conditioning technology Co., Ltd


Development and demonstration application of key technologies of electric scroll air conditioning compressor


Qian Lijuan

School of mechanical and electrical engineering, China University of Metrology

Zhejiang santian automobile air conditioning Compressor Co., Ltd


Research and application demonstration of intelligent factory integration technology


Chen Yanfei

Ningbo Branch of China Academy of ordnance Sciences

Zhejiang Weilin Machinery Parts Co., Ltd


Research on green remanufacturing technology of high efficiency and environmental protection laser cladding for crankshaft



University metrology in China

Zhejiang Jinfeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd


Design and develop an automatic packaging system for air conditioner distributor


Yu Hancheng

Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University

Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd


Intelligent robot for oil seal casting


Wang Zhiwei

Tianjin University of science and technology

Zhejiang Longquan Jiabao Biotechnology Co., Ltd


Development and application of Ganoderma lucidum compound products


Shi Qun

lishui university 

Longquan Oujiang celadon Co., Ltd


Research on standardization technology and industrialization of Longquan daily used celadon raw materials


Guo Liang

College of life sciences, Zhejiang University

Qingtian Yugong Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd

Qingtian County

Sustainable ecological development and comprehensive benefit promotion of rice and fishery industry


Chen Zhongfa

zhejiang wanli university 

Shengge family farm in Qingtian County

Qingtian County

Construction of Chinese bee ecological breeding base and industrial upgrading


Bu yuebin

Zhejiang Institute of industry and trade

Grace Group Limited

Qingtian County

Using graphite material to improve the wear resistance of sole and the hardness of safety head to improve the quality of labor protection shoes


Sun Tianhui

Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College

Start up Co., Ltd

Qingtian County

Design and rapid processing of functional children's insole matching plantar features


Xie Chao

Zhejiang Ocean University

Four seasons family farm in Yunhe County

Yunhe County

Research and application of space electric field fruit preservation technology


Wang Jin

Zhejiang Academy of Forestry Sciences

Zhejiang Kairui Toys Co., Ltd

Yunhe County

Development and application of environmental friendly magnetic functional materials


Pan Fangwei

Lishui vocational and Technical College

Yunhe Shuangtao Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Yunhe County

Research on high precision cross cutting machine for toy wood processing


Li Chunfang

College of agriculture and food science, Zhejiang a & F University

Qingyuan Yufu planting professional cooperative

Qingyuan County

Mechanism of secondary metabolites synthesis in tea plant


Zhang Xiaoli

Institute of crop and nuclear technology utilization, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Qianzhongsu agricultural professional cooperative in Qingyuan County

Qingyuan County

Study on purification, rejuvenation and selection of superior lines of Foxtail Millet in Qingyuan County


Li Fuzhen

Institute of crop and nuclear technology utilization, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Ruilida fruit professional cooperative in Qingyuan County

Qingyuan County

Planting demonstration and industrialization of Torreya grandis and efficient cash crops


Wu Qiang

College of engineering, Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University

Zhejiang Jiuchuan Bamboo & Wood Co., Ltd

Qingyuan County

Coating technology of bamboo and wood veneer



zhejiang chinese medical university 

Lishui Yikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Qingyuan County

Study on breeding techniques of Polygonatum multiflorum


Mao Shuai

Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University

Zhejiang qiyeji agricultural Co., Ltd

Qingyuan County

Development of new selenium enriched tea and its nutrition technology


Wang Zili

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang kingmaxon Machinery Co., Ltd

Jinyun County

Space difficult to machine metal based on digital twin