Notice of the Administrative Committee of Lishui Economic and Technological Development Zone on Recognizing Advanced Units and Advanced Individuals in Work Safety in 2018

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District departments, Nanmingshan Sub-district, group companies, and production and business units:

   In 2018, with the joint efforts of various departments, sub-districts, group companies, and the majority of production and business units, the development zone has achieved good results in safe production work, and a number of advanced units and individuals with outstanding work have emerged. In order to further promote safe production in the development zone, the government's supervision responsibility and the main responsibility of the enterprise should be effectively implemented. After the director’s office meeting, it was decided to commend advanced units and advanced individuals in production safety in 2018. The results of the commendation are now notified as follows:

   One. 2018 Development Zone Safety Production Demonstration Enterprises (in no particular order)

   Zhejiang China Resources Sanjiu Zhongyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Lishui Youbang New Material Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Xuchuan Resin Co., Ltd.

   2. 2018 Advanced Enterprise of Safety Production in Development Zone (in no particular order)

   Zhejiang Weikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Jiali (Lishui) Industrial Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Minfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Zhejiang Zhongguang Electric Co., Ltd.

  Zhejiang Changfeng New Material Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Xinxu Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Shunhu Debang Coating Co., Ltd.

   Lishui Lifeng Cloth Industry Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Heli Leather Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Boju New Material Co., Ltd.

  Zhejiang Baolifeng Leather Decoration Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Benifit Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

   Lishui City Hangli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Hongli Lock Industry Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Brother Star Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

   Lishui Nanping Leather Base Fabric Co., Ltd.

   Zhejiang Jinlisheng Housing Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

   PetroChina Wu'an Gas Station

   Shanghai Red Star Macalline Brand Management Co., Ltd.

   Zhengda Construction Co., Ltd. (Wanzhou Times International)

  3. 2018 Advanced Individuals in Production Safety in Development Zone Enterprises (in no particular order)

  1. Enterprise advanced individual (20 people)

   Lan Jiajia (Zhongyi Pharmaceutical) Pan Yong (Asahikawa Resin)

   Lai Xinglong (Weikang Pharmaceutical) Chen Zigang (Minfeng Chemical)

   Chen Zhaoping (Changfeng New Materials) Shi Zhenguo (Lifeng Cloth Industry)

   Li Jun (Brother Star) Xue Wengang (Hongli Lock Industry)

  Wang Deshan (Hoden Synthetic Leather) Zheng Yu (Yongji Electric)

   Li Yueqin (Fangyuan Valve) Wang Chaofeng (Chaoda Valve)

   Zhou Jianwei (Dabang Polyurethane) Jing Liqiang (BGI Resin)

   Lin Minyang (Dongsheng Auto Parts) Liang Weibin (Zhengxiang Electroplating)

   Zhou Yumin (Youbang New Materials) Liu Xiaolei (Boju New Materials)

   Liu Liangsong (Nancheng Metal) Pan Jun (Jiangtai Commercial Management)

   2. Advanced individuals in departments, streets, and group companies (12 people)

   Yang Yongjun (Party and Government Comprehensive Office) Yu Xiaofen (Party and Mass Work Department)

   Wu Chunhong (Economic Development Bureau) Hu Yongfeng (Construction Bureau)

   Shi Liwei (Public Security Bureau) Lan Yong (Safety Supervision Bureau)

   Chen Libo (Safety Supervision Bureau) Zhou Jian (Nanmingshan Street)

   Thank you Biao (Industrial Group) Zhu Haijun (Industrial Group)

   Bai Yueman (Procuratorate Branch) Guo Peng (Fire Brigade)



   Lishui Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee

   April 1, 2019